What’s next?

It’s been over a year without a post here and 3 years from the release of the latest game. It seems as if time stopped here.

Been thinking recently about the future of Kalafior Games, the direction where it all should go next and — of course — about new games. It’s not easy to return to thinking about game design after so much time of absence in this area, though. I made some final decisions but can’t be sure that they will work in practice.

The object of thought was of course Robot Robuś 2. Everything has been carefully written on a piece of paper and now waits for its turn. And by the way, Robuś is likely to see its name change to more English-speaking.

As we know, during recent years a lot has changed in the distribution of games. Now we have Steam, App Store, Android Store etc. I’ll take it into account in the new productions, especially that I surely give up making games in Multimedia Fusion 2. It’s time for the real programming and possibilities.

I won’t reveal any details yet. The purpose of this post was to let you know that something is going on, despite the fact that it seems a little deserted here.